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Leather Harness

Looking for a stylish and tough leather harness that will keep you comfortable? check out our full bodysuspenders and belt set. These set's include a stylish full body suspenders and belt, made from durable pu leather. Plus, the set includes a stylish chain belt, perfect for treasurer or socialwear.

Leather Dog Harness

Leather dog harness is a type of dog harness that are made from leather. It is a good choice for dogs that are hard to handle or for dogs that are large enough to need a more secure bond with their owners. the leather dog harness can be a very comfortable and strong bond between a dog and its owner. This type of harness is typically not available in a variety of colors, so it is best suited for larger or hard to handle dogs.

Dog Harness Leather

This harness is made of leather and is belt-like in shape with a waist band and suspenders. The back of the harness is filled with human-like fur and it is filled with bondage devices such as garter belts and stocks. The device for bondage is a waist band with a stock. This harness is good for body bondage, garter belt and stock bondage. this harness is a great choice for those who are looking for a stylish and functional belt. The harness is made of leather and has a garter belt-like belt-body harness. The harness has straps that can be put on either hand, making it a very versatile and fun belt. The harness also has a built-in bodice, making it a more luxurious and luxurious belt. if you're looking for a stylish and comfortable leather harness that will make your woman feel special, you need to check out this pair! These leather harnesses are perfect for making your woman feel safe and comfortable, even when she's out of earshot. The cames way up your body and through your hair to a particular destination, and there's also a good amount of slack and suspending from the leather to keep her comfortable all around. The garter belt is an added bonus, perfect for holding her back from getting in trouble. this leather service dog harness is a must-have for anyone who needs to be held close by someone who knows how to use their help. The straps are adjustable to fit most dogs, and the harness has a built-in bondage tool that lets you hold onto your service dog like a key. The bra provides ample support, and the belt is roomy enough to fit all of your dog's body weight. The lingerie is comfortable and stylish, and the belt is a great place to fasten the harness together.