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Leather Harness Suspenders

This is a top-of-the-line set of Harness Suspenders for women, they can wear for work, for pleasure, or even use them for a more comfortable environment when jacquard bondage harnesses are your thing. The full body Suspenders will keep you comfortable while them, the belts will help you to keep your clothes on and with a possible effortless alternative to get your hands on some Leather sex toys.

Leather Harness Suspenders Amazon

This Leather Harness is an exceptional Harness for admirers who are wanting for suspenders, the garter belt is a belt with a suspender belt system. The suspender belt system provides a body bondage function, the suspender belt can be worn for a variety of reasons. It can be used to hold onto your waist, to keep your body concealed, or as a belt to support your waist, the belted Harness can be worn for body bondage and mind bondage purposes. This Harness can be used for a variety of pleasure purposes such as mind control, domination, and submission, this is a Leather Harness with garter straps and a coordinating suspenders. You can wear it as a belt or as a play suit, the Leather is a natural color that is unrivalled for any type of scenes. It is from the usa, this Leather Harness is a fantastic belt piece or a play suit. It is manufactured from high-quality Leather and renders a natural color, it is comfortable to wear and offers several suspender straps so you can add added belt comfort. Introducing the Leather Harness bondage man, a man who knows how to turn the weekend into a weekend of bondage and pain, the Suspenders are first rate accessory for this bowen-based and their garter belt is a practical fit for any body type. The belts come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your personality, this is a Leather Harness that is designed for women to wear with garter belt and waistband. The Harness can be worn with or without a bondage Suspenders strap, the Harness can be used to hold the garter belt in place or to bondage the waistband.