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Zipper Harness Boots

With the help of our Zipper Harness boots, you can be done with your shopping experience, these Boots are made in italy and are sure to protect your feet.

Zippered Harness Boots

This is a brand new, mens cowboy Boots western leather ankle Harness strop zipper, it is a terrific piece for shoppers who are scouring for a new and exciting surrogate to wear boots. This Harness is fabricated of leather, and imparts a modern, sleek look to it, it is terrific for a day out in the woods or a day in the city. These side Zipper Harness Boots are rare innovation and distressing hat band, the Boots are in gray, with a buckle biker style design. The Boots are best-in-class fit for a variety of bed-and-breakfast trips and other special occasions, this is a sensational Harness for an or bicycle. It is produced of leather and is a practical fit, the Zipper is a built-in motor, so it can be used as a wind chipper or to keep your Harness close to your skin. This is a first rate new pair of Boots at a sale! The shoes are glossy black leather and are comfortable to wear, the Zipper Harness system is superb for keeping things together. The shoes are also good for trail mix or snacks, they are bit hard to find, but they are top value at this price.