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X1 Pocket Bike Wiring Harness

Looking for a whole wire harness for your pocket bike? look no further than the x-1 x-2 x-8 pocket bikes. Our harnesses are designed specifically for these models, with a standard 2 stroke battery power and 1 mile performance. After market availability means you can order it now and have it delivered to your home in 3 business days.

X1 Pocket Bike Wiring Harness Target

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Top 10 X1 Pocket Bike Wiring Harness

This is a whole wire harness for the x-1 pocket bike. It includes the cables, connectors, and adapters. This is a great option for those who have a pocket bike and want to run them through other devices. the x-1 pocket bike has a 2-stroke engine and is equipped with a whole wire harness for electrical connection. This harness is perfect for those with pocket bikes, because you can always adjust the wire's length to ensure a secure connection. It has a wide variety of wiring combinations, making it easy to get started. The x-1 pocket bike is also a great choice for thetraderix daily ride. It includes the electrical necessary for connecting the battery and cyclic key.