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Vintage Horse Harness

This is a great opportunity to purchase a beautiful vintage horse harness and medallion bridle, or for an additional cost, purchasing an ornamonym butterfly. This beautiful product is perfect for a special occasion or for using in any activity.

Vintage Wooden Horse Harness

Antique Horse Harness

If you're looking for a stylish and durable horse harness, you'll want to check out this one from the antique horse museum. It's a nice piece of art that will add some extra protection and comfort to your horse's neck.

Antique Horse Harness Value

This vintage horse bridle harness is a great addition to your antique horse collection. It is made of brass, and has a medallion design that represents the value of horse technology. The harness is in great condition, and consists of the following components: a brass medallion, which is the result of years of horse technology research and development, and is designed to keep a horse's limbs well-protected against nagging disease? this is a great opportunity to have a beautiful golden horse combined with a wonderful, old-fashioned, appropriate harness and garment. These 4medallions harness on leather straps will make your horsebanding and attire look like a brand new order. They are a great addition to your horse's wardrobe and an old-fashioned looking garment. this is a charming vintage horse harness with a brass medallion bridle ornament and a black horse. The harness is made of brass and is about 2 1/2 inches in circumference. It is also made of leather and is tight-fitting. This piece is from the 1800s and is made of quality materials. this is a great vintage pony harness. It has a collared shirt and western belt. The harness has a decorative western dickey cross about its front and back. There is a vintage pony collared shirt and belt.