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Thigh Harness

Looking for a garter belt that will keep you comfortable and stylish? Sheath it for yourself or give it to someone else as a gift! This high-quality Harness comes with stocking belt, which will keep you warm and comfortable all day long.

Cheap Thigh Harness

This Harness is designed to keep you safe from your partner's axe to the name of garter belts, a Harness will remain secure by a stockings, if you need to keep your balance. This Harness comes in one size, unequaled for or any other woman who loves being bound and served, this product is a Harness design with a garter belt and strap. The garter belt is produced of leather with a chrome-like buckle, the belt is produced of leather and provides a low back strap. The belt is tight against the waist line and provides a high back strap, the product is erotic and sexy. This Harness is an enticing fit for women who like to be held and / or traded for their pleasure, the leather garter stocking belt is manufactured to hold you and provide a comfortable fit while you can freedom to wear your favorite lingerie. The body lingerie is manufactured to be a little too tight and tight enough to be comfortable but not too tight that it takes away from your body, the Harness also comes with a leather belt and key, both of which can be used to fix or control someone's body. This is a high-quality, leather-and-spider web Harness that peerless for ripping and unaffected by wrinkles, the garter belt provides adequate warmth and is largely see-through, making it an ideal alternative for on cold days. The Harness also presents a comfortable fit and is manufactured to last for years.