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Tanaka 4 Point Harness

Looking for a beautiful Harness that can help you race? Look no more than the Tanaka 4 Point harness, this Harness is designed to help you race speedily. It renders two reinforcement bars to keep you safe and you can use it in one hand to your races as fast as possible.

Tanaka 4 Point Harness Amazon

The Tanaka 4 Point Harness is a peerless way for racing horses, it is versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. The Harness grants a black buckle, while the 4 points provide even protection on both left and right sides, the Harness also imparts a race suit style belt and a quick-release buckle. This product is top for race horses, britons, italians, and others that need to wear a practical belt and buckle every time, the Tanaka 4 Point Harness is an excellent way for racing saddle set-ups. With a versatile gray color, this Harness is superb for any set-up, the quick release buckle makes it straightforward to release the saddle without having to remove the saddle from the harness. The Harness renders a Point buckle for a good look, and is manufactured from durable materials to last for years, it is able to keep your seat in place and keep the belt from pulling on the your seat. The Harness also renders a quick release system for effortless on and off.