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Sword Back Harness

This Sword Back Harness is a top-of-the-line solution for admirers that want to wear their Sword comfortably and look best-in-class at the same time, the Harness will hold your Sword while you wear your sheath, so you can always have a hand held Sword at your side. Plus, the dual Sword shoulders make it uncomplicated to keep your Sword at all times.

Sword Back Harness Amazon

This back-mounted dual Sword frog Harness is a top-grade way for individuals wanting for a stylish and safe back-mounted sword, the suit grants a comfortable fit and the katana is included, making it a top-of-the-heap addition to all outfit. The Harness also includes a leather pair of gloves and a katana, making it uncomplicated to handle your Sword in the open world, this Sword Back Harness is unrivalled for us men who itch to wear a dual Sword roleplaying outfit. The Harness is leather with a black pu leather finish and it is superb for holding your Sword while you're performing a roleplaying game, this Harness is designed to hold a dual Sword Back scabbard in place. It is manufactured of faux leather and presents a scabbard design, the Harness is scissor waist high and gives a comfortable fit. It is available in black and brown, this dual Sword Back scabbard holder Harness is produced of faux leather and renders a shoulder strap. It provides a nice design and is fabricated to hold a Sword with one hand, the Harness also gives a Back and a scabbard, so you can easily take off and on as needed. The Sword can also be held on with one hand if needed.