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Stuntman Chest Harness

This Harness is prime for action camera enthusiasts who ache to keep their clothes and camera stay put while using the Stuntman Chest harness, the Harness is fabricated of durable materials and will keep your Chest and arms safe from pythons and other obstacles.

Stuntman Chest Harness Walmart

This action figure Chest Harness is first-rate for action cameras! It can be customized to suit any gopro or other action camera, and will sturdily hold on your chest, this Stuntman Chest Harness is first-rate for gopro cameras and other action cameras. It provides a ball joint at the Chest that allows them to shoot video with ease, additionally, it also imparts a built-in selfie mirror to take photos or videos with ease. This Stuntman Chest Harness is a practical piece of gear for shoppers who covet to take their show-stopping style to another level, the Harness features a built-in stunt man interface and a built-in Chest Harness that will keep you comfortable and in control. Additionally, there are two small zippered pockets on the back of the Harness that offer compatible storage for snacks, medications, and other small essentials, plus, an extra zippered pocket provides room for a phone, notebook, and other small devices. This Harness is dandy for any show-stopping performance, this Stuntman Chest Harness is a top-grade solution for gopro action cameras and other large action cameras. It allows you to Stuntman with your hands and keep your safety top priority, the Harness also offers a ball joint at the Chest which makes it effortless to move around and take pictures and videos.