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Stock Class Paintball Harness

Are you looking for a new paintball harness to help you play longer? check out the ronin gear usa stock play class pump paintball tube co2 packharnesssuspender! This product is a great option for those looking for something different and will help you play longer.

10 Round Paintball Tube Harness

New painting trend: . paintball tube harness! . this unique piece of clothing helps players to keep warm in paintball, while also providing some additional protection from dirt, rain, and other debris. how does the paintball tube harness work? . the harness insert into the tube and then the paintball associated with the tube. Finally, the top of the tube has a hole for a head and a conflict knot. what are the benefits of the paintballtube harness? . the following benefits of the paintballtube harness stand out: . 1) the harness helps protect players from dirt, 2) the harness is in use and is alreadyispersing the air has been used. 3) the harness keeps players warm while playing paintball, regardless of the weather conditions. 4) the paintballtube harness is easy to wear and looks great.

Stock Class Harness

The stock class harness keywords are 2 kingman kt stock class pump paintball play 5 co2 10-shot tube belt holders. this is a 2 kingman kt stock class pump paintball play 5 co2 10-shot tube belt holders. You can wear these while playing paintball or use them as a belt holder. The stock class has a 5 co2 cartridge and is designed to play paintball with 5 co2 shots. The shot clock is 10 seconds long and the belt holder allows you to play 5 co2 shots. These hold 5-6 co2 shots each. The holders come with a 10-shot tube belt, which allows you to play 10 games at a time. These paintball accessories are sure to provide laughs and enjoyability while playtime is still limited. this is a stock play class pump harness for the ronin gear usa stock play class pump. The co2 pack harness is perfect for adding an extra pump to your play group. This harness also includes the suspension for a comfortable hold. this is a great stock class paintball harness for those looking to get into play ball. It is a good fit for anyone who wants to get into the fun and excitement of play ball. The stock class paintball harness comes with a pump, paintball tube, and co2 pack, making it the perfect choice for those looking to get started with play ball.