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Sparco Harness

This harness is perfect for those who want a seat belt that does the job well. It's a three-point belt that pulls close to the body andkeeps a person safe and comfortable.

Sparco 5 Point Harness

Sparco is a brand that is known for creating high-quality harnesses and accessories. Their 5 point harness is a great example of their quality and performance. This harness is perfect for both beginner and experienced athletes. It is made from durable leather and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sparco Racing Seats With Harness

The sparco racing seats with harness are a great way to protect your children while they are using their car for racing. The seats have a 2-in-1 safety feature, providing comfort and peace of mind when using the car for racing. The seats are also black, making them easy to see in a room or competition. The harness has a 4-point belt system, ensuring that your child is protected while racing. this product is a great harness for those with spinal cord injuries. It can help keep them comfortable and safe. this sparpco 5-point racing harness has black shoulder straps and a blue webbing between the shoulder straps and the back of the harness. The belt is also blue and has the words "for seasonal use only" in the front. The harness is shoulderside support for the body, and has a belt loop at the back. The harness has a understandabe return to use after a race. the sparco harnesses 4 point competition belt hawkscope system and sparco's own 3 point system to create a race saddle that feels good in the hands. The 3 point system ensures a level saddle with plenty of control. The black harness is a great choice for those looking for a race saddle that looks good and provides good performance.