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Nylon Horse Harness

This nylon horse harness is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality low maintenance infrastructure. The harness is designed to keep your miniature horse safe and healthy, with a low price to performance ratio.

Tough-1 Basic Nylon Driving Harness

Tough-1 Basic Nylon Driving Harness

By Stephanie Imports


Nylon Driving Harness

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Cheap Nylon Horse Harness

This cob horse driving harness is a low-maintenance harness that is perfect for use by a cob horse. It is made of black nylon and has a low-maintenance feel to it. It is also comfortable to wear, with a small size. this nylon horse harness is fully adjustable to fit a large horse. Theharness is made of nylon material that is high quality and scalable. It can be easily adjusted to fit the horse's body size and weight. Theharness also features two zippered compartments for saddlebags, nvgravy, or other gear. Theharness is fully adjustable to a comfortable neck position for the horse. Theharness also features a built-inuated post-haste feature that prevents theharness from becoming too tight or too large. leaders world is a harnesses. Biz retailer of high-quality nylon leather harnesses for horses. This lead-based color photo shows the perfect nylon harness for your full horse size. The leather is black, while the fabric is dark brown. The overall style is modern and sleek, with a modern look that will make your horse stand out from the rest in your division. This nylon horse harness is made to give your horse the best possible ride and performance. this nylon harness is perfect for miniature horses. It also has a beirne buckle for a strong connection and a easy to use.