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Molle Chest Harness

Looking for a comfortable and sturdy Chest harness? Search no more than the condor 215 Molle pals tactical h-harness suspenders for 241 gen ii battle belt, these suspenders will help keep your Chest is peak while you're playing your music or gaming. Plus, their stylish design will help you look like a playing character.

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Element Monkey Tech Wear chest vest, Nylon Molle harness rig  White

Element Monkey Tech Wear chest

By Element Monkey


H Harness Military

The protech tactical plate Harness is a sensational piece of gear for the military, it is a fantastic surrogate for individuals digging for a blue-black color fast. The Harness is comfortable to wear and is one size fits most, the plate is black and gives an 32-54 girth. This gear is a first-class way for individuals hunting for a single-purpose armor addition or a military armor solution, the element monkey tech wear Chest vest is a valuable fit for military personnel. It is produced of nylon Molle Harness rig and grants a stylish and modern look, the vest is again comfortable to wear and presents an excellent fit. The emerson tactical d3 Chest rig is a peerless piece of gear for shoppers who admire action, this rig is excellent for lovers who grove on to take on challenges in the military or as a general purpose garment for performance purposes. The Chest rig includes a d-ring and Molle field strap system, which makes it outstanding for use in military settings and operations, the kit also includes security straps and for a security and protection. The belt Harness is water resistant and grants a comfortable fit, this Molle Chest Harness is an unequaled substitute for tactical modular Molle panel h-harness range Harness ronin Chest rig. It offers a spacious and conditions large Chest room, the h-harness will fit most people with room to siz for size, it is exceptional for most Chest sizes. The is produced of durable fabric that will last and is uncomplicated to clean.