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Metra 70-1761 Receiver Wiring Harness

This twh-950 wire Harness is for the bussy twh-950 from Metra (70-1761), it is a with our logo. It is necessary to adopt the twh-950 to handle our aftermarket Receiver antenna, the Harness is conjointly needed to gain better out of the box performance from the receiver.

Metra 70-1761 Receiver Wiring Harness Walmart

This Metra 70-1761 Receiver Wiring Harness is designed to allow other aftermarket stereo receivers to statewide connect with your Metra 70-1761, the Harness includes an aftermarket antenna adapter and Harness that can be attached to your Receiver for exclusive use with your Metra 70-1761. This allows other enthusiasts to connect with you 70-1761 to connect with the latest technology and offer years of use to your bike, this twh-950 wire Harness is for the Metra 70-1761 receiver. It is capable of attaching an aftermarket stereo Receiver antenna or Harness in order to get a better signal, the Harness also contains a section to find some good old orc richard later on. It is fabricated of durable materials to ensure years of use, the Harness is basic to tailor and replaces most existing antennas. This Harness is not only required by the Receiver but also required by the antennas that it replaces, the twh-950 is a new, improved version of the popular Metra 70-1761 Receiver Wiring harness. This new Harness gives been designed to provide better signal strength and better possible use of after market upgraded Receiver antennas, the twh-950 is furthermore compatible with the popular Metra 70-1761 receiver, and can be used with or without the appropriate antennas.