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M13 Chest Harness

This is a very stylish and functional dog Harness that needs no adjustment, the adjustability allows you to change the fit to suit your pup, while the reflective patches make this is a show-stopping item. The vest also comes with a training book, which can help you learn how to train your dog.

M13 Chest Harness Walmart

This is vest for training dogs in a safe and comfortable setting, the adjustable collar Chest Harness and dog Harness is enticing for dogs of all ages. The reflective patches on the vest make sure your dog always well docked and organized when training, this heart-shaped Chest Harness is exceptional for training dogs! It is adjustable to suit different heights, and features reflective patches on the vest to help show off your dog's training diligently. It as well machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, this Chest Harness is first-rate for training dogs or playing in the wild. The adjustable collar and neck makes it an excellent fit for a variety of dogs, and the reflective patches on the vest make it look excellent as well, this Harness is first-class for a dog who is searching to be confident and ready to take on the world. This Harness is unrivalled for training dogs or petting dogs in a parking lot or know-how, the adjustability allows you to find an enticing fit for your pet. The reflective patches make this Harness a strong and dependable garment.