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Ls1 Fan Harness

This harness is for the ls1 dual cooling fan on a corvette camaro firebird 98-02. It includes a pigtail connection for easy on/off and a fbody connection for the corvette'sffield transplant engine. This harness is needs no cobb weight oroooooupdates.

Ls1 Fan Harness Walmart

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Best Ls1 Fan Harness

This belt is designed to help keep yourls1 fans cool and caged in. It has a comfortable fit and provides goodarrettance while wearibg the unit. The lsx and lt1 have a different type of fan belt. The lt1 has a higher profile with more chrome and the lsx has a more classic design with more black and red. this 7-ular gm dual cooling fan harness and pigtail for f body style fans and similar has two gm dual cooling fans so you can feel sure you're getting a good experience when operating your machine. This model is also uniquely designed with the ability to have two l/s fans uncompromisingly close by your hand. this harness is for the ls1 camaro firebird dual coolers. It is made of durable and sturdy materials, and has all the necessary features to keep your car stapler-ized. This fan harness is made to allow for easy cooling of your ls1 camaro. the ls1 fanharness will improve your corvette's cooling experience by connecting to your device using the appropriate cooling connector. This harness provides extra power to your device for increased heat dissipation. The ls1 fanharness also features a water-based seal that prevents moisture and dust from entering your device.