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Kurgo Harness

This Harness is puissant for robust, large or extra- large dogs, the tru-fit system ensures consistent strength and heavy duty fabric provides long lasting comfort. The black 74 material ensures durability and is comfortable to wear.

Kurgo Tru-fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

The tru-fit crash-tested dog Harness is top-of-the-heap for dogs of all ages, it's made from durable fabric and leather, and is designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable. The tru fit Harness is unrivalled for dogs that are struggling to stay safe and comfortable in groups, it is fabricated with a high-quality and matrix that provides extra strength and safety. The technology helps to keep the dog's body warm and comfortable, making it an ideal product for long trips, the pet Harness is a terrific choice to keep your pet close and comfortable. This open box style Harness offers a comfortable track and quality materials that make it a top-rated surrogate for the most independent dogs, the pet Harness offers a quick release system that makes it uncomplicated to take on and off, and the blue is a first-class color for any dog. The dog provides a small amount of circumference, making it an unrivaled Harness for dogs small to tailor over the back of a car, the colorful design with dark blue and red colors is ideographically designed to facilitate communication between dog and car. The is moreover adjustable to suit a variety of sizes, starting at around the neck for larger dogs.