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Gooby Harness

Gooby harnesses are top-of-the-line surrogate to keep your dog safe and comfortable, this small breed Harness offers a simple yet stylish design. It is best-in-the-class for dogs young to be started in and is ready-made with a comfortable fit, the Harness also provides a built-in leatherette strap, so your dog is never tight or too thick.

Best Gooby Harness

This Gooby Harness is prime for small breeds as it is choke free and imparts a large size, it is again made from high quality material that will last long. This Gooby Harness is a new product from black, it is a comfortable and easy-to-use Harness that support to keep you feeling well-nourished and active. It is14-18 neck size and provides a black color, this Gooby Harness is a beneficial way for a dog that needs to cope with restraint or safety. It's in style and will make your dog feel comfortable and safe, even when they're out of control, this safe Harness choke free product is an enticing way for small breeds, like gooby, as it features a comfortable fit and a stylish design. It is a nice fit for your dog and imparts a comfortable fabric design, it is again made to keep you and your dog safe when you are out and about. The escape-the- setting sun Harness is sensational for dogs that want to get away from the heat and humidity, this Harness gives a sturdy design and is fabricated to keep you and your dog safe.