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Gooby Dog Harness

Looking for a safe and comfortable Dog harness? Don't look anywhere than the Gooby comfort x small breed Dog Harness choke free - safe head in style s m l xl, this Harness is sterling for large or small dogs, and is manufactured of durable materials to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. Whether you're out and about with your Dog or at home, comfort chest 14-18 neck black is the Harness that will keep you and your pet safe and comfortable.

Gooby Dog Harness Walmart

This Gooby Dog Harness is superb for Dog lovers who adore spending time with their furry friends, this Harness is manufactured from soft and comfortable mesh head-in fabric that is sure to make your Dog feel comfortable and loved. The Harness also includes a place to keep their handler's hands free, making it uncomplicated for them to communicate, this Gooby Dog Harness is a sensational choice to keep your Dog safe and comfortable. The style and l versions have a safe head in style, the Harness version imparts a small chest with a built-in choke chain. This Gooby Dog Harness also gives a comfortable fit and a stylish design, the Gooby Dog Harness is a practical substitute to keep your Dog safe and comfortable. This Harness is fabricated from durable materials and is facile to wear, the small breed is first-rate for uncomplicated fit, and the step in design ensures a comfortable fit. The mint green and black color scheme is popular among the people, this Harness is top-of-the-heap for dogs of all sizes. This Gooby Dog Harness is a peerless way for your next sports dog, made from durable leather, it's great for dogs over 5 ft 1 in (15 kg). The Harness extends a small size leash that can be attached to an 5 ft 1 in or less dog, making it straightforward to keep up with your pet, the Harness also grants a matching Dog Harness in the small size.