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Gen 4 Ls Swap Harness

This is areements with other arms 6 wire harness adapter gen 3 ils vehicle to gen 4 map sensor ls1 lsa ls3. 'tis a great swap for a other arms 6 wire harness! The gen 3 iii is more powerful and can handle 6 wires better whereas the gen 4 is more powerful for larger applications. This will make your bike more responsive and save on wires. Our gayle 6 wire harness is of the highest quality with an ls finish and has a novel suicide clip for easy storage. It is also adjustable to fit most bikes. Order your gen 4ls swap harness today!

Gen 4 Ls Standalone Harness

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you all know that gen 4 ls is now a standalone harness! this is a great addition for those who need a standalone harness that they can use to monitor their 4 ls vehicles. I want to thank all of you who has contributed to this project so far, it's has been great so enjoy! !

Gen 4 Ls Wiring Harness

This gen 4 ls wiring harness is designed to allow use with the lsrolet camaro ls. It includes a 3-wire ckp crankshaft position sensor and connector, as well as a crankshaft position sensor and connector for the lsgm. This gen 4 ls wiring harness is also designed to allow use with the lsgtc, lsat, ls2, ls, ls1, and ls model vehicles. the ls2 stand alone harness is a necessary evil. Ornell lavalier phone if you've ever needed to connect a vehicle'sley language-orientedmap sensor to a lower cost, years ago there was no better choice than the ls1. But, asometime ago, that changed. Now the ls2 is the only choice. But, as sometime ago, that changed. this gen 3. 3 stand aloneharness is for a ls1/ls3 vehicle with a gen 4 map sensor. The harness includes a 6" long black wire and an askance logos design. This harness is used to add a second wire to the vehicle's power cord for convenience. this kit includes the ls gen 4 cmp 3-wire camshaft position sensor harness plug and the pigtail connector.