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Front Squat Harness

The front squat harness is perfect for those who want to improve their front squat performance. This harness is from titan fitness and is made to keep you feeling strong and puts you in position to front squats.

Titan Front Squat Harness

The titan front squat harness is a great way to help keep you stands up and moving! It keeps you feeling strong while you squats and is always a helpful addition to any squat gym.

Squat Harness

The squat harness is a great way to keep you and your child's weight down during and after a day of work. The harness is adjustable, so it fits most children's heights. The black and green colors make it easy to see in class. the front squat harness is an adjustable strap that helps keep you posture correct and helps increase your strength and stability. this front squat harness is perfect for draper's or any other front squatters. It is adjustable to fit different body types, and can be used in either a traditional or front squat position. this harness also features a comfortable, pronated fit. this inc adjustable front squat harness is for front squatters. It is large enough to fit 150-225lb belt squats. The harness has two adjusters to ensure a comfortable fit. This harness also includes a built-in u-lock for securing to the body.