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Fj Cruiser 7 Pin Trailer Harness

This harness is for the rocker switch on the right-hand side of the fj cruiser. It has 12 v onoff pins for the power to turn the light on and off. The harness is also wiring harnessed with white driving lights and a rocker switch.

Fj Cruiser 7 Pin Trailer Harness Walmart

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Fj Cruiser 7 Pin Trailer Harness Amazon

This harness is for the rocker switch on the steering wheel. It has 12 v onoff pins and 5 pins for the lights. The wiring is pre-configured and the relays are easy to find and find. the fj cruiser 7 pin trailerharness offers four ways to splice data between two points in the harness: flat (2' long by 1' tall), through the arms (4" long by 2" wide), an mini-jack (1" deep by 1" long), or an over-the-ground (1" deep by 1" long) connector. The over-the-ground connector is better for when you want to attach the trailer to the vehicle but don't want to have to take it off and on. this is a 36-pin car trailer cable extension harness that is part of the new 36-pin car trailer lighting franchise. It is a perfect fit for all 36-in-ones and 5-in-ones. The harness allows drivers to connect the necessary power cables for each vehicle type. The new cable extension harness is made from durable materials that will last long in the field. this is a 36-pin car trailer light cable extension wiring harness adapter connector for new fj cruisers. It allows for connecting of various fifth-wheel-mounted lights.