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Dog Coat With Built In Harness

Dog coats are top-of-the-heap addition to your pet's wardrobe - now With a Built In harness! This Coat renders everything - a comfortable fit, a stylish design and a layer of protection for your dog's skin, best of all, it's black Dog Coat With built-in Harness size 10 and can be grown into your dog's favorite style. So whether your Dog is a pack Dog or just visiting for a day, this Coat will help keep them warm and safe.

Dog Coat With Built In Harness Amazon

This Coat imparts an 10-layer fleece fabric that is machine-washable and dry-proof, the Coat renders a built-in Harness that can be attached to the coat. The Harness can be removed easily and fits an average weight of about 2 lb, this country-inspired Coat With built-in Harness is valuable for the most independent dog. Made dog's comfortable fit and high-quality craftsmanship, you'll enjoy this Dog Coat for its stylish and functional design, plus, the Harness built-in winter Coat will help keep your furry friend warm In the winter. The Dog Coat With built-in Harness is a valuable accessory for your dog's wardrobe, this Coat provides a comfortable fit and features a heart-shaped Harness that keeps your Dog safe and healthy. This Dog Coat grants a comfortable 2-layer fleece fabric With a built-in harness, the Coat is size 10 and is produced to protect dogs when they run and hide when the yl go.