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Computer Harness

This harness is for use with the 1990 fox body ford mustang engine. It is an ideal way to keep your computer running while you're out and about. The harness provides easy-to-use electrical wiring and allows you to keep your computer running while you're shopping, playing video games, or working on your computer.

Computer Harness Ebay

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Cheap Computer Harness

This computer harness is for the ford mustang 5. It includes wire harness, shielding, and connector. It is made up of a computer harness and an ecm module. The computer harness allows the driver to control the engine using a computer remote. The ecm module helps to keep the engine running in the event of a engine failure. 1l at batz prom gm ecm engine module. It is designed to help connect the ecu computer to the sunbird card. The harness helps to tighten and connect the ecu to the card, allowing the computer to more easily to operate the engine. 0l v6 4dr ecu. It consists of a cesdex 7. 1 kit and was created through spartan circuit.