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Choker Harness

Looking for an unique and cool leather harness? Look no more than the Choker harness! This Harness is manufactured from high-quality metal and grants an intense leather feel to it, it's great for an interesting and unique fashion piece. The collar is fabricated from leather and the belt is fabricated from durable metal, the slave necklace is collar and belt system that allows you to control your slave with a custom harness.

Choker Harness Walmart

This sexy Harness is a must-have for any hot bikini girl, with its sexy body chain and choker, this Harness will let you show your hotness in an alternative that is sure to please. With its sexy, visuals-stunning design, this Harness is a must-have for any hot bikini girl, this lady Choker Harness will make you feel amazing. With its body-hugging Harness style, this Harness is outstanding for out who you are, this Harness is a splendid way for costumes and pajamas, and will give you a this is a Harness that helps you ride in style. It is fabricated of leather and extends a diamond shaped buckle for a fit, the kilt vest renders a comfortable fabric lining and a decorative diamond in the center. The vest is furthermore equipped with a leather buckle, for a firm fit, this Harness would be sterling for a goddess who loves to hunt. The spiky necklace and long gloves make it look like you're on a hunt of your own, the goddess-inspired necklace extends a deep gold chain and amygdala-inspired earrings. The yoke Harness gives you the look of a huntress without having to worry about your weight.