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Chest Harness

Looking for a stylish and functional Chest harness? Don't look anywhere than the sexy mens pu leather body suit, this Chest Harness is excellent for costumes and fancy costume belt applications. The body suit can be equipped with lots of dexterity and style with the use of a Chest harness.

Chest Harness Leather

This Chest Harness leather costume will make a practical fashion statement, with the sleek leather fabricating and the mustached characters’ faces, it will turn some heads. The Harness will help you to keep your body warm and comfortable, this faux leather body Chest Harness is valuable for folks who adore to relax in the sun. The Harness is adjustable to suit a variety of body types and can be made to loops to be worn over a shirt or jacket, it renders a cool look and feel to it and is sensational for enthusiasts who enjoy spending time in the sun. The men's Harness vest is a first-rate piece of gear for admirers who enjoy a bit of protection inside and out, the faux leather belt is adjustable to tailor any body shape and is essential for keeping your arms and Chest safe from harm. The Harness vest comes with an adjustable faux leather belt, which can be replaced as needed, this piece of gear is first-rate for any activity, whether it is for work, for protecting yourself against any kind of danger or just for fun. This Chest Harness is an excellent alternative for lovers who are digging for a stylish and functional harness, it is fabricated from leather and silver and features a masculine look. It is sensational for lovers who are hunting to add a bit of personality to their look.