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Car Dog Harness

This is a Harness for the Car that can be worn by a cat or dog, it is adjustable to tailor snugly over the dog's body, and includes a seatbelt and Car seat belt clip. The Harness is safe and comfortable, making it enticing for pet owners or travel companions, the lead is an 5-star product, thanks to its successful testing as a safety measure in the pet food industry.

Car Dog Harness Amazon

This Car Dog Harness is a practical surrogate to keep your Dog safe while on the go! The adjustable Harness allows for a variety of positions for both left and right hand use, and comes with a leashes and key ring, the Harness provides a comfortable fit and features a leash system to keep your pet on track. The Harness also includes a safety seat belt restraint Harness and'll keep your pet safe and comfortable, this Car Dog Harness is a terrific accessory for your dog's seat. It's comfortable and stylish, with an adjustable belt and a this Car Dog Harness is an excellent substitute to keep your Dog safe while on the road, it is adjustable to tailor most cars, and extends a lead to keep you close by your side. The 3 x rating means it is going to be sure to protect your Dog even in the most challenging environments.