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Bunny Harness

Introducing the Bunny harness! This adjustable soft Harness is a first-class accessory for your bunny, splendid for tight spaces or for keeping them warm, the elastic leash ensures your Bunny is held safe and safe, even when they are big and big.

Rabbit Leash And Harness

This is a top rabbit leash and Harness set for small pets and squirrels, the set extends a blue denim jacket with white rabbit on the front and a Harness for a small squirrel on the back. The set also presents a key ring and rabbit items to keep on the go, this small rabbit Harness is prime for your pet rabbit! The hat is fabricated of soft and fleece-like fabric, and the vest is manufactured of cute rabbit fur. The Harness effortless to wear and makes an enticing fashion accessory for your pet! This Harness is top-grade for young rabbit owners who need to keep their rabbits safe and safe from predators, the beautiful and stylish rabbit Harness gives a colorful dress that will make your rabbit look and feel like a hollywood star. This Bunny Harness set will make your squirrel feel special when they need to be close to you, the Harness is fabricated of soft and stylish fabric, and will make your squirrel feel like a million bucks.