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Bruno Asl-250 Wiring Harness

This bruno asl-250 wiring harness is for the asl-250 275 out-sider lift to vehicle battery. It allows for.

Bruno Asl-250 Wiring Harness Walmart

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Bruno Asl-250 Wiring Harness Amazon

This unit allows you to connect a bruno asl-250 or asl-275 out-of-the-box. The harness includes a plastic cover that fits over the battery and allows for electrical installation. The cover also helps keep the battery from getting damaged during installation. The harness also includes a small, flat wire that is necessary for connecting the battery to the out-of-the-box. this harness is designed to allow the use of 4-pin connectors in vehicles with access to the vehicular network. The 4-pin connector allows the use of wires from the vehicle's left-hand side to those from the right-hand side. This allows the driver to power up the vehicle's engine or open the doors with a simple 4-plug event. this harness is for the bruno asl-250 this harness is for the bruno asl-250 asl-275 outsider lift. It has a 4-pin connector and allows use with vehicles with 3-pin wiring.