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Brass Horse Harness Medallions

Looking for a stylish and sturdy Horse harness? Look no more than our 11 Horse Harness Medallions vintage english solid brass, this Harness is unequaled for pets or horses, and is likewise a top-of-the-heap addition to harnesses. Biz store.

4 Vintage Brass Horse Harness Medallions WALES, CASTLES, on Strap Tack Bridle
(2) Vintage Horse Brass Stork #1810 bird Cottage harness Medallions
3 Vintage Horse Bridle Harness Brass Medallions - Horses Thistle Rob Roy
(4) Horse Brass Roaster, Deer Buck head, Horse, Boar Hog harness  medallions
9 Vintage Brass Horse Buckles Medallions Equestrian Harness Decor English

9 Vintage Brass Horse Buckles

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Top 10 Brass Horse Harness Medallions

This beautiful Brass Horse Harness medallion is fantastic for your Brass horse, it is 18 inches in circumference and has an exquisite, intricate design. The medallion is fabricated from solid Brass and is measures: 18 inches in circumference, this is a beautifully restored, one of a kind Brass Horse Harness medallion lot. It is based on the original 18 th century english Brass Horse Harness medallion, but is fabricated with two types of material: metal and plastic, the metal Brass and the plastic is golden. This is a beneficial addition to Brass Horse Harness collection! This is a davies Harness background design with Brass Horse Harness medallions, this design is 8 vintage Brass Horse Harness medallion straps on a strap tack bridle. The design is manufactured from old brass, which means it is durable and will last, the medallion * 8 vintage Brass Horse Harness Medallions * this design is manufactured from old brass, which is durable * the medallion is white, which is in the image above * this design is a typical 8 vintage Brass Horse Harness Medallions strap on strap bridle, which is a good alternative for horses of all ages this is an unequaled surrogate to show your Brass Horse community or forum some of the more rare and fancy Brass horses you have. These are vintage Brass horses that are in black leather with an and back area, the dogs are all well made and the saddles are gold plated.