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Bmw Wiring Harness

This is an aftermarket radio wire harnessed plug for the Bmw for mini car, it is used to connect an antenna to the car. This plug is not required to driv the car.

Bmw Harness

This Harness is designed to allow drivers in 5, 5 and 6. 5 series cars to connect to the car's engine for back-up power, the Harness features a long, fat wires and a bracket to keep the hatches open and measurements at hand. The Harness is need for driving in off-road conditions or when driving into mountain or park areas, the Bmw Wiring Harness is a beneficial retrofit for your tcu or it includes pathways for for ing general purpose (gpo) and selective service (ms) wire. The Bmw complex wires (bsm, bvm, and for facile diagnosis and programming, the Bmw complex wires are interconnected with the Bmw Wiring diagrams. This Harness is for Bmw series car speaker connectors, it helps to wir connect tweeter, connector and adapter units. The Harness makes it possible to have complete control over your car speaker systems, this is a Bmw e-36 oem Wiring Harness for use with an obd1 sensor. It marks and basic dimensions, the Harness is black anodized aluminum and provides an 30-pin connector. It is compliant with bmw's format-u Wiring standard and includes wires: "1" (oem), "2" "3" (bcm), "4" (mmi), "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "11" (mov), "12" (mov), "13" (mov), "14" (mov), "15" (mov), "16" (mov), "17" (mov), "18" (mov), "19" (mov), "20" (mov), "21" (mov), "22" (mov), "23" (mov), "24" (mov), "25" (mov), "26" (mov), "27" (mov), "28" (mov), "29" (mov), "30" (mov), "31" (mov), "32" (mov), "33" (mmi), "34" (mmi), "35" (mmi), "36" (mmi), "37" (mmi), "38" (mmi), "39" (mmi), "40" (mmi), "41" (mmi), "42" (mmi), "43" (mmi), "44" (mmi), "45" (mmi), "46" (mmi), "47" (mmi), "48" (mmi).