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Bird Harness

Introducing a first-rate solution for anti-bite dog owners: the Bird harness! This unique device is designed to help the parrot or cockatiel fly better and stay safe while flying, the Harness also features a leashes system to keep the parrot or cockatiel safe and.

Aviator Harness

Looking for a fly training rope that is comfortable to wear and provides you with a splendid amount of strength and flexibility? Look no more than this aviator harness! This rope is designed specifically for flying, and is manufactured from a flexible plastic that is again very strong, the leg ring allows you to monitor your progress, and the 3 meters of strength make it uncomplicated to use. This adjustable Harness is a top-grade substitute to add a touch of fun to your birding adventures! The Harness is multicolored and can be attached to a relaxer to make your bird's head and neck look more or less like a parrot! This little Bird is about to learn a new name: aviator! This Harness is an exceptional substitute to keep him safe and loved, with its stylish and stylish design, the leash as well a first-class alternative to keep him close and facile to control, when he's want to get away from all the action. This Bird Harness is an unequaled solution for shoppers who itch to train their conure birds to fly, it is manufactured of durable materials and is a top-grade alternative for suitors who desire to fly their conures. The Harness is an exceptional alternative for folks who desiderate to fly their conure birds to receive flying training, the parrot Bird Harness is a top-rated surrogate for people who desiderate to fly their conure birds to receive flying training.