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Antique Horse Harness

Looking for a unique and defunct horse harness? Look no further than our antique horse harness! This type of harness was typically worn by horses of all sizes and coloradeles, regardless of sex or condition. It was a personalizing item and perfect for wearing on an individual's body, as well as for giving individual horses certain aspects of their personality. Some of the benefits of this type of harness include a harder wick and more efficient light bulb. Plus, these days there are only a few these left, so get your one now before it's all gone!

Old Horse Harness

If you're looking for a quality old horse harness, you'll want to check out the harness deuter. This harness is made of heavy metal and is designed to keep your horse's feet and tail safe. Plus, it's made to fit properly so that your horse can comfortable move around.

Antique Horse Harness Hames

This horse harness has some damage. The mirror is missing a piece of material that ran along the back of the horse's neck, and the material is a little stained. Other than the missing piece of material, the horse harness is in great condition. The mirror is a little damaged, but it no longer reflects light onto the ground. this antique horse harness/mule kelley hanes set of 12 is in great condition with no repairs or repairs that I can see. It is workable and looks like the material was made from high quality materials. The fit is a bit strange because the hames are small and the hances are large, but it is a simple fit and I believe it to be a good buy for a pre-existing horse. this beautiful cast ironwood farm decoration is for two pcs antique horse pullingharness and farm marker. It is an excellent addition to their collection. this is a vintage pair of horse harnesses from a ancient period. The collar is made of metal and the yoke is made of iron. The harness is from the past and is free shipping on orders over $75.